The "Tactical Toucan" Folding Karambit, Aluminum, Type III Military Hard Anodized Finish, CPM-20CV Blade Steel, Stonewash Finish

The Tactical Toucan

It's one of those names that you’ll never be able to get out of your head! When I started designing this knife I saw a void where there was a big need. There are a lot of Karambits out in the world, but there are only a small number of knife companies that make them fold...  Fortunately, we do both!

But First, some backstory on the Karambit:

“The Karambit was originally an agricultural implement designed to rake roots, gather threshing, and plant rice in most of island Southeast Asia.  It's a smaller variant of the Southeast Asian sickles (Filipino garab and karit; Indonesian celurit, arit, or sabit; and Malaysian sabit).  The karambit is believed to have originally been weaponized among the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra[2] where, according to folklore, it was inspired by the claws of a tiger.  As it was weaponized, the blade became more curved to maximize its cutting potential.  Through Indonesia's trade network and close contact with neighboring countries, the weaponization of the karambit was eventually dispersed through what are now Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and the Philippines.[3][4]

European accounts tell that soldiers in Indonesia were armed with a kris at their waist or back and a spear in their hands, while the karambit was used as a last resort when the fighter's other weapons were lost in battle. The renowned Bugis warriors of Sulawesi were famous for their embrace of the karambit. Today it is one of the main weapons of silat and is commonly used in Filipino martial arts as well.”

(Reference: Wikipedia)

Q:  So why do you need this knife I designed/made versus buying one from somewhere else?

A:  Attention to detail… Fit/Form/Function. I have spent 20 years perfecting how knives are designed and made. I do my utmost to provide the best possible end product to our customers using the best materials and craftsmanship the world has to offer.

The Tactical Toucan has a 2.7” blade and has an optimized deployed angle for cutting tasks. The blade also deploys via an adjustable/sliding thumb stud. The adjustment allows you to move the stud to optimize your hand positioning and to deploy the blade from the pocket with almost no effort.

The heart of any Karambit is the blade, but without the ring it's a hawkbill folder. This knife was designed to be used with or without the ring -- effectively making it either a Karambit or a Hawkbill folder -- to suit whatever task you may have for it. The ring is easily removable with the included tools, without taking the knife completely apart.

Speaking of the ring...  It has a ceramic glass breaker built into the forward striking portion of the ring, so if you need to escape a vehicle through a window you can leave the blade closed and easily break through the glass!

The handles are textured and lightened so it is easy to use and easy to carry without weighing you down. 

Over the last several years I have been making button lock folders and truly enjoy how quickly/easily/and smoothly a button lock will deploy. I also appreciate the fact that a button lock is significantly stronger than a leaf/frame/liner lock.

I hope you appreciate and enjoy the effort I put into our first folding Karambit design!

PLUS...  Every Tactical Toucan comes with a patch for your favorite hat or kit bag!


Blade:  5/32" Thick, CPM-20CV Blade Steel, Stonewash Finish
Frame:  5/32" Thick Aluminum, Type III Military Hard Anodized Finish
Overall Length:  7-3/8"
Blade Length:  2.7"
Closed Length:  5"
Carry Option:  L/R, Tip Up

The pictures to the left show the Titanium version on the top and the Aluminum version below!

    Made in China by WE from domestic and imported parts.