Relentless Run2 payment

This is the full payment page for the 2nd run of Relentless.

Currently we are running a little behind schedule and predict that we will be shipping in the next 4 weeks give or take. We figured this would give everyone time to gather funds and be ready for the shipment to your door.


Once we are finished with the knives, we will ship, and you will receive a tracking number in your email. Please don't email constantly asking if the knife has shipped, as that only slows down the process of making the knives.

2nd run, limited, numbered starting at #51 and going up to #101


No preference will be given for numbering. First come first served.




Named so, because I have been Relentless in my pursuit to perfect the knives I make for the last 20 years. Relentless in the fact that though we have had our struggles and challenges through the years we still strive for excellence. Relentless, because this blade will provide you a lifetime of service.

LOT (Logical Order of Thinking)

This folder checks a few boxes I have been meaning to check for a while. All made in the USA. Made in my shop in Idaho. A mix of my distinct stylistic ques for design and the best material sizing choices I have been able to find among knives already on the market.

Size and shape allow for a broad mix of use from an EDC perspective. At home in the Woods or in the city. It will do bushcraft or box opening.

I did quite a bit of market research after I designed this knife and asked many customers about their opinion of what the best material sizes were. after averaging out all the answers I came up with a spec sheet that I believe will fit everyone's pocket with ease.


  • Blade:  CPM Magnacut , 3.5" Length, 5/32" Thickness, blasted Finish
  • Frame: Grade 5 Titanium, 5/32 Thickness, blasted Finish
  • Closed Length: 4.7"
  • Open Length: 8.25"
  • Weight: 5.2oz

Other Features:

  • Button lock
  • All stainless hardware
  • Upgrades available for pivot/clip/back spacer HERE

please keep in mind finishes fairy depending on lighting and age. Actual product may look slightly different than pictured.

We take pictures under multiple lighting sources and backgrounds to give a true picture as to what the finish looks like. The finish is dark sandblast.