Knives from Jake Hoback Knives are built to last. But, if for some reason your knife is defective due to materials or workmanship, you can return it to us for repair.

We will repair your knife, including parts and labor, or replace it with a new knife at our discretion. Repair is not always possible or practical. We will replace your knife with the same knife or one that is comparable (if the same knife is no longer available).

If your knife has sentimental value, please decide whether you want to send it to us for repair. If the problem with your knife is significant, there is the possibility that we may need to replace it. We will not return a defective knife that must be replaced. We do this so there are no defective knives in the field.


Please follow this process when returning a knife to us for repair.

  • Notify Us -- Send an email to with a description of what you think is wrong with your knife. Include your name, address, phone number and email address.

  • Knife Prep -- Before you ship your knife, please make sure you have cleaned it thoroughly.

  • Packaging -- Please put each cleaned knife in a sheath or wrap it in cardboard to protect it during shipping. We prefer that you pack your knife in a box. A padded envelope may also work if the knife isn’t too heavy or bulky. Be sure to put packing around the knife so it sits securely in the package. Pack it so the point will not cut through the packaging. You will get your sheath or cardboard back upon return.

  • Insurance -- We recommend that you insure your package and send it "certified, return receipt requested," so it can be tracked if necessary. This will help protect you against possible loss or damage to your knife. Note that knife loss, including shipping to and from us, is not covered under warranty.

  • Shipping -- Ship your knife to Jake Hoback, P.O. Box 873, Priest River, Idaho 83856, United States of America. We recommend USPS for shipments inside the US.

  • Wait Time -- Please expect to wait 4-6 weeks for replacements or repairs.


Your knife may just need a good tune-up rather than repairs!

  • Our Knife Service Package includes a full cleaning, oiling, sharpening, blade centering, and SMALL lock adjustments if needed. (All lock adjustments are made according to our specifications on locks and lockup.)

  • Return shipping is included in this package. All knives will be shipped via USPS and insured for $500 when returned.

  • We do not change colors or finishes.

  • If your knife has a mechanical problem within warranty guidelines, please contact us and do not purchase this service unless advised.

Go here to purchase our Knife Service Package.


Our Knife Sharpening Service is designed for those whose knife is in perfect working order and just needs a good sharpening.

Email us at if you have any questions about whether the Knife Service Package or the Knife Sharpening Service is right for you.

Go here to purchase our Knife Sharpening Service.


If your knife needs to be repaired, please send it to us for evaluation. Don’t try to repair it yourself. If you repair it yourself or have someone else repair it, you will void your warranty.

Reasons why we may charge you a small fee for repair:

  • Damage caused by misuse or abuse
  • Failure to care, clean and maintain your knife
  • Damage due to self-repair or repair by a third party
  • Damage due to dismantling or tampering with your knife
  • Sharpening your knife on a grinder

Spine Whacking -- We do not condone Spine whacks!!! We will not warranty a folder if it has been spine whacked. As a maker, Jake will be able to tell if the lock has been damaged by spine whacking. This has been a common practice to see if a lock will fail. It damages the lock!

If you must test the lock, do so by pushing on the spine of the blade against the lock (keep your fingers clear of the edge, Duh!). If the lock fails this test with less than 10lbs of force, we will fix it. If you have to wiggle and pry to get this to happen, don't worry about it, as you should never be putting that kind of pressure on the back of a folder anyway! Buy a fixed blade if you need that kind of pressure... or a crowbar. We make both.


If in any way you are dissatisfied with your order, please contact us at and we can discuss it. Our general refund/return policy is this: If you’re not happy, you get your money back -- if you contact us within 2 days of receiving the item, and it is UNUSED. You will be responsible for returning the item to us, including some form of delivery confirmation. We will not pay for return shipping. We will not issue the refund until the item has been returned to us and inspected.

We promise to work with you and do everything in our power to make you a happy, lifetime customer of Jake Hoback Knives!