Definition of “Country of Origin”

The manufacturing and assembly of the knife was done primarily or exclusively in the stated country.

Where both USA and China are listed, that knife has been manufactured both in the USA and in China through separate production runs.

 All Customs USA

Folders Country of Origin
A8 Slimline USA
A15 Slimline China
A8 Slimline China
Backslip USA
Buster USA / China
Enoch China
Husky China
Kwaiback MK.1 - MK.5 USA
Kwaiback MK6 China
MK Ultra USA / China
OSF (Open Source Folder) USA / China
Paraclete USA / China
Radford USA / China
Sliver China
Summit China
Sumo China
WarHorse USA
WarSpear USA / China


Fixed Blades Country of Origin
Choppa USA / China
Beta 1-5 USA
Dashi USA
Goliath China
Jeremiah Johnson (JJ) China
Karamback USA
Kunai Main Squeeze USA
Kwaiback Fixed Blade USA / China
Kwaichete China
MP6 USA / China
Perseverance USA / China
Shepherd China
Tactical Kitchen Knives USA / China
Talim Fixed Blade USA


Axes, Tomahawks, Machetes Country of Origin
Proof Research Axe USA
Ps2 Axe China
Ps35 Axe USA
The Path Machete USA
The Way Machete USA