The "Tusk" Trainer, Blue Aluminum with Blue G10 Handle

The "Tusk" Karambit Trainer

I have wanted to design a Karambit for a very long time.  I originally designed this knife back in 2012, but it got lost in my CAD archives and it took Indiana Jones and a slew of Nazis chasing him to find it again!  I went through all the drawings and made some changes from my original design as I've grown and matured in making knives and in my combatives journey.

I think this knife will check a significant number of boxes when it comes to Fit, Form, and Function for a true combatives knife.

The Tusk Trainer is the companion to The Tusk knife.


  • Blue Aluminum
  • Blue G10 Handle
  • Kydex Sheath

Made in China by Bestech from domestic and imported parts.