T.A.G. Escape & Evasion Tool

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T.A.G. (Tactical Arrow Grouping)

This is the first tool of its kind to give you all the necessary tools in the field to survive and procure food within a regulation dog tag-sized package. Place the TAG behind your MIL issue dog tag within the rubber silencers and you will have a tool with you that will allow you to overcome many obstacles in a survival situation. Or if you are a civilian, place the TAG in your wallet or attach it to your key chain and you will always have survival tools at your disposal.

There are 6 great tools included in one small package:

1. Flat Head Screwdriver/ Part Removal Tool/ Tape Cutter

2. Fishing Lures/Snare Locks

3. Broad Head Arrow

4. Fishing Hooks (up to 3lb fish, or more if careful)

5. Split Rings For Fishing Hook/Lure

6. Fletching For Arrow