Kwaichete, 154CM Steel, Stonewash Finish, Black Stingray with Burgundy Cord-Wrap, Kydex Sheath

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Who doesn’t like to carry a short sword?  They're awesome, plus it's much easier to carry one in your man purse than a full-size Waki!  All kidding aside, we wanted to do this for a very long time -- a Kwaiback-style short sword.

We didn’t want to design a super heavy, unusable thing…  We wanted to make a tool that could actually be used.  With 154CM Steel for excellent edge retention, a grippy cord-wrapped handle, and a quick-deploying Kydex sheath,  So whether you display it on your wall or strap this bad boy to your backpack for your next camping trip, you'll be the most accomplished swordsman in the family!

Every Kwaichete comes with a Velcro-backed "Ninja" patch for your hat or kit bag or...!!


  • Blade:  0.125” Thick, 154CM Steel, Stonewash Finish
  • Handle:  0.5” Thick, Black Stingray with Burgundy Cord-Wrap
  • Overall Length:  19”
  • Blade Length:  12”
  • Weight:  14.9oz. with Sheath, 11.1oz. without Sheath
  • Kydex Sheath


Made in China by Bestech from domestic and imported parts. Cord-wrapped in the USA by Pariah Knives.