Kwaiback MK6, Titanium w/ Fullers, Beadblast Stonewash Finish, M390 Blade Steel, Beadblast Stonewash Finish

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Kwaiback MK6

Like the samurai swords of lore, we have put countless hours into perfecting the Kwaiback into a knife that is as flawless as we can possibly make it.  We pulled out all the stops with this knife!  We cut no corners, nor looked for any easier ways to do it. This knife was built with hard work, for hard work.  Fully-engineered internal lightening pockets, hardened stainless steel lock insert, HRD (Hoback Roller Detent), hardened stainless pivot, and stainless pivot bearings. These are just a few of the things you get with a Hoback Knife. The rest you'll just have to see for yourself!

This is what we know from Wiki about the "kwaiken" blade (and by the way, if you haven’t already figured it out, Kwaiken + Hoback = Kwaiback!): 

The kaiken "was once carried by men and women of the samurai class in Japan.  It was useful for self-defense in indoor spaces where the long blade katana and intermediate sword wakizashi were inconvenient.  Women carried them in their kimono either in a pocket-like space (futokoro) or in the sleeve pouch (tamoto) for self-defense.  When a samurai woman married, she was expected to carry a kaiken with her when she moved in with her husband."  "…the kaiken is now called kwaiken (pocket knife).  The modern term has no reference in historical records; also called a futokoro-gatana.”

Some of the changes made to the MK5 version in making the MK6 are minor, but there's enough that we thought they were worth describing:

  • We are finally getting low on our original bazillion screw order made back in 2014 -- so we updated the screws to go along with our other knives. They are stronger and slightly larger now.
  • We switched back to bearing washers, as it made manufacturing easier. Honestly, it makes no difference in how the knife works or its longevity, it just allows us to more easily put finishes on the knives and doesn't affect their performance.
  • We are doing away with the eccentric pivot and switching to a D-shaped pivot barrel for anti-rotation. This change was due to customers struggling to understand the concept and having a difficult time reassembling the knife.
  • We switched to ceramic pivot bearings. Honestly, if you know me, you know that I think this is not needed… but customers are always asking about it so we made the switch. The Kwaiback was my last holdout.
  • Backspacer screws are now held in a standoff that goes through the backspacer instead of threading directly into the titanium. Again, not necessary, but entirely customer driven.
  • Some slight profile changes were made for very minor ergonomic upgrades.
  • We made a minor adjustment to the lock insert to strengthen the lock bar. 

PLUS...  Every Kwaiback MK6 comes with a patch for your favorite hat or kit bag!


Blade: .1875 Thick, M390 Blade Steel, Beadblast Stonewash Finish
Frame: .1875 Thick Titanium w/ Fullers, Beadblast Stonewash Finish
Overall Length: 9”
Blade Length: 3.75”
Closed Length: 5.3”
Carry Option: Tip Up Right/Left-Handed
Weight:  5.9oz.

Other Features:

  1. Pivot Thrust Bearings
  2. HRD (Hoback Roller Detent)
  3. Hardened Stainless Steel Lock Insert With Overtravel Prevention
  4. Engineered Internal Lightening Pockets

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Made in China by Bestech from domestic and imported parts.