Kwaiback Button Lock, Titanium, Mars Valley Fat Carbon Show Side & DLC Black Finish, CPM-20CV Blade Steel, DLC Black Finish

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Kwaiback Button Lock

The Kwaiback has been our flagship knife since 2009! What a long run! Over the years we've made many modifications/revisions/updates/and types, but this time we decided to try something completely different (something that I've been wanting to do for a long time)... A button lock. I would argue that a button lock is significantly stronger for a lock than a frame lock.

I spent some time picking Brian Tighe’s brain at a show about his button lock flipper setup and then went to my trusty drawing board and started doodling. I made a few changes to how Brian makes his, as I had a previous button lock designed for the Sumo and Tradecraft and wanted to implement some of those features. I figured I would add a front flipper tab for the fidgetiers in the crowd and a concealed carry contour (rounding of the handles)… and wham! We have the Kwaiback Button Lock! The action on this knife is insane!!! It's a must have for your 2023 knife lineup.

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    PLUS...  Every Kwaiback Button Lock comes with a patch for your favorite hat or kit bag!


    Blade: .15625 Thick, CPM-20CV Blade Steel, DLC Black Finish
    Frame: .1875 Thick Titanium, Mars Valley Fat Carbon Show Side & DLC Black Finish
    Overall Length: 9”
    Blade Length: 3.75”
    Closed Length: 5.3”
    Carry Option: Tip Up Right/Left-Handed
    Weight:  4.6oz.

    Other Features:

    1. Concealed carry rounding of handles
    2. Proprietary button geometry
    3. Blade swedge


    Made in China by WE Knife from domestic and imported parts.