Buster, Hoback/Snecx Collaboration, DLC Black

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Collaboration with Snecx Design Lab

The Buster is a collaboration between two companies – Jake Hoback Knives and Snecx Design Lab – and between two engineers with very complementary styles!  Jake likes to focus his energy on form, fit, and function, and Tan, from Snecx, is an engineer with an amazing sense of design.  To quote Jake, "Tan is focused on the intricacies of a design - the little things that look fantastic AND have a purpose."

Jake added his own touches to the design of the Buster, with multi-tiered pocketing for weight saving, and a honeycomb design in the handle that gives it even more lightening.  The honeycomb pattern also adds a ton of grip without being overly aggressive! There are no inlays used; the honeycomb is part of the one-piece frame.


Blade:  M390 Steel, 4” Length, .1875 Thickness, DLC Black

Frame: Titanium, 5.375” length .1875 Thickness, DLC Black

Estimated Weight: 6.6 Ounces
Closed Length: 5.389"
Open Length: 9.471"

Other Features:

  1. Pivot Thrust Bearings
  2. HRD (Hoback Roller Detent)
  3. Engineered Internal Lightening Pockets (less weight, same strength)
  4. Hardened Steel Bearing Races

Made in the USA from domestic and imported parts.